Hole In The Ground Helps Texas Company Cash In

andrews nuclear wasteWaste Control Specialists of Andrews, Texas is alone in the “hole in the ground” industry, otherwise known as nuclear waste disposal.  The company has constructed a huge pit for storing nuclear waste that is going live to companies who need a way to get rid of all of their excess waste from their nuclear power production.  With the high demand in the state for energy, nuclear power plants are working overtime, and that means more waste.  Waste Control Specialists knows that that waste must go somewhere.

In their hole in the ground, space goes for $10,000 for a cubic foot.  While the company pockets 3/4 of the money from the project, the other fourth go to the state and the county where the hole is located.  From all over the country, this hole is the only place where low-level waste can be taken, which begs the question:  Why aren’t more companies offering this service?