Top Texas Energy Headlines In 2013

texas shaped flagA look back at some of the biggest Texas energy headlines of 2013.

Texas Oil and Gas
The oil and gas industry experienced a bonanza in 2013 that rose to levels that were unseen since the 70s. Federal data also revealed that the state doubled oil production and contributed more than one third of of the country’s oil production.

Despite ongoing litigation between TransCanada and local landowners and questions about the integrity of the Keystone XL Pipeline, oil began flowing through it in the latter part of 2013.

The Texas Railroad Commission
The agency was given an additional four years to preside over the regulation of the Texas’ gas, oil and pipelines amidst skepticism about its relevance and performance.  The agency was also permitted to use some of the fees amounting to millions of dollars to upgrade their computer and software system in order to improve their capacity.