San Antonio Gets New Solar Farm

solar-panels-texasA $110 million dollar investment by OCI Solar has led to construction of a new solar farm located just  a few miles south of San Antonio.  The new solar farm is called Alamo 1 and is quite large.  It spans 453 acres and consists of 167, 000 solar panels. Alamo 1 has the capacity to generate 40 megawatts which is enough energy to power more than 6,000 homes in San Antonio.

Alamo 1 recently began its operation and will generate energy during San Antonio’s peak hours of energy usage.  OCI Solar will sell the energy generated by the solar farm to to CPS Energy.

Alamo 1 is the first of a series of solar farm projects by OCI Solar.  Upon completion of all the solar farm projects, it is expected that they will together generate 400 megawatts of energy.  The locations of the other solar farm projects have not yet been revealed.