Regulators Scheming to Introduce Electricity Tax In Texas

Texas electricityFears abound among Texans that the state is running out of energy.  This is the idea being touted by electricity generators and the Public Utilities Commission of Texas.  However, nothing could be further from the truth, as the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas has released data reflecting that the state has more than enough energy to sustain it for another four years, with more on the way.

One of the proposals to solve the supposed insufficient energy are for the government to assume control of the electricity market.  If this should happen, electricity consumers would be charged an electricity tax amounting to $4 billion a year.  This would make the Texas electricity tax among the largest taxes in the state, superseding that of  oil production, beverage and insurance taxes.

Many people are not happy with this proposal but only a few are voicing their opinion against the idea.  Among those who are in total opposition of the electricity tax are State Senator Troy Fraser and Agriculture Commissioner, Troy Fraser.