Does Texas Rely On Electricity From Wind Power Too Much?

tx wind energyThe winter vortex spun the wind turbines in the state of Texas at near-record rates.  However, that does mean that some people are not skeptical about how much wind power should be used in the state.  According to some, wind power is just no reliable enough.

After there was a close brush with the entire power grid of the state failing, wind power helped to save the day, but wind power only accounts for about nine percent.  During the power shortage, wind was only accounting for 3.2% of all the power usage in the state.  While that small percentage was important on that one day, people understand that win is not totally reliable.

While ERCOT could move more wind turbines to places where wind is forecast to be strongest, those forecasts are not 100% accurate either.  Changing the face of the energy industry in Texas could start with wind power, but it appears that wind power can never be the whole future of Texas energy.